Allison Thompson
Childbirth Educator  in Toronto, Ontario


Empowering parents through education.



I have had a deep fascination with birth since I first became a mother 27 years ago.  I approach both life and work with curiosity, honesty, and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than sharing the knowledge and skills to empower pregnant people to get the best possible care which is in alignment with their own values.



For the past ten years I have been helping pregnant people to get the kind of care they want for pregnancy and birth, bringing them peace of mind and confidence in themselves and their birthing bodies. As I learned more about birth, I became enthralled with the research that has been emerging. In 2017, I decided to become an Evidence Based Birth®Instructor so that I could help professionals and parents, alike, to stay up to date and make sense of the ever changing research evidence. I now offer Evidence Based Birth®workshops as well as the HypnoBirthing® courses I have been teaching for the last ten years.


Client Reviews

Allison was great at teaching the Hypnobirthing technique. She was able to ease all our concerns about the birth.
Allison was an excellent support person both leading up to the birth and helping us contextualize it afterwards. She went well beyond just teaching a class - she made sure we were prepared and treated us very sensitively as the family we were about to become. She clearly has a passion for what she does and HypnoBirthing definitely worked to make the birth easier - in fact we credit it with a very calm and romantic time in the hours leading up to meeting our daughter.
— Fredrica